Christmas funny….

Stacy and I went up there to take some pictures of JT for Christmas. We dressed him up in his little Santa outfit. It was preemie size but, still, way to big. We had to tape the hat and pants on him. The tape is still on them too by the way. I was looking at his stuff the other day to see if there were some toys of his that Tori might like to play with, The ones that he didn’t play with all the time. And there it was with the tape still on it. I thought that was funny.

We put him on a blanket with the nativity scene on one side and the words to Amazing Grace on the other. I loved making that blanket. We now put it over the fireplace during Christmas. We had an awesome time taking pictures and while he didn’t look happy in the pictures he was. He looked like a grumpy old man, but, I think it was just the way we positioned him. We found out that day also that he could hold his head up on his own. What a great surprise!

Well, it had of course the furry white stuff on it and some of it got in his mouth. Well, I thought that I had gotten it out. Nope, when I got home that night, I called to check on him and Carrie his nurse said, hmmm, I think someone was dressing someone up as Santa and left some evidence. I was like huh??? She said there was white well, it wasn’t white anymore, fuzzy stuff in his ostomy. I guess I didn’t get it all after all. I was freaking out wondering if that would hurt him and she said no. She told me to just laugh about it. So, I have.

What makes this so special is because we thought that we would never make it to the point where he would be able to wear clothes much less let us play dress up.

We dressed him up and decorated his spot for every holiday. It was so much fun and created special memories for us. The girls would color him pictures, that we would hang there. We even printed out prayers and hymns that people sent us and posted them there. Just so that he could see them. We put his wish list up there too so that we could date everything as he did it.

Here is little man’s Christmas photo:


And another to show him holding up his head. I like to call this one: Just look over your shoulders, I’ll be there. Guess what song that came from. LOL If you look close enough you can even see some of it in his mouth right in the middle of his tongue. LOL.



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