Most special memory….

Johnathan was born August 29th. Because of his severe prematurity I didn’t get to hold him for more than two minutes while they changed his incubator. And even then, it was under heat lamps and he was all bundled up and plus someone was always bagging him because they had to unhook the ventilator, while those times were awesome. And you wouldn’t believe how heavy a 2lb baby is with all that stuff on him! I finally got to actually hold him for a half an hour. On October 22, the nurse told me to go take off my shirt and put on a gown, that we were going to do Kangaroo care. This is where you and the baby have skin to skin contact. I was so excited but, so, very very scared. I mean, hey, the ventilator scared the beans out of me. But, I did as I was told and sat down and Oh my goodness, the emotions that attacked me at that moment when he was finally in my arms. He was a little cranky at first from being moved. He really didn’t like to be moved and touched in those early days. But, when he realized that his momma had him, he relaxed, his stats were awesome and he just slept this really peaceful sleep. He wasn’t agitated or anything. Even with the cameras going off. They are awesome up there they make sure that they record every milestone that they can and even just because they think something is cute and want to take a picture for the parents.

But, I can’t tell you how awesome it was. Words can’t describe what it felt like to have my baby boy in my arms for the first time and to be able to keep him there. We found out later that I wasn’t supposed to hold him because he was on Dopamine, but, Carrie, the nurse, argued with them because he was Dopamine for his kidney’s and not his blood pressure. At least this time he wasn’t. But, all was good and we had an awesome bonding time. The nurses fought for us a lot and they were always there when we needed them. And they were also our confidants and our family. I can’t say enough about them. When they are on your side watch out doctor’s!

Here is a pic from about that time: This was in Cincy right before his 2nd, heart surgery. About 3 days after I got to hold him he was transferred down there so that they could put a PDA banding on.


And this is just because I loved his smiles:


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