It’s Sunday…

I thought I would give you all some listening pleasure. Just a little God lift today. And remember everyday is the Lord’s day, not just Sunday!

See the blessings….

I am one of those crazy positive people. Well, to everyone else I usually am. I am like that to a point with myself, but, I am hard on myself. Which I think everyone is. I tend to see the blessings in the worst possible situations. Plans can get broken, things don’t go right. I am right there saying well, this isn’t going right, because well, maybe God doesn’t want it to. I mean hey, there has to be a reason. I can always see the positive for everyone else when they are going through a hard situation. I try my best to help people find solutions to their problems. I can listen with the best of them and keep my opinion to myself. Even when it isn’t something that I would choose to do for myself. I understand that everyone is different and that what is right for me, even though I want it to be right for them, is not right for them or their situation. Saying all that. I know it’s all about me. LOL

I really think, no, I know that God blesses us in the good and bad times. A flat tire, might mean leaving later, and missing a car accident. A phone call might stop you from getting somewhere a few minutes early and not having to deal with the long wait and the irritating person that you sat next to that you really couldn’t deal with that day. Losing someone close to you, even though it broke you into a million pieces might bring you closer to God, your family, and you may start a new foundation, or resource that maybe your community never had before.

I really miss the child like innocence that I had when my Christianity was new to me. I am getting that back. I marvel in the littlest things. I have my down days, and I let myself feel sorry for myself for a minute, but, then I start to think of all the blessings that I have each and every day. A husband who loves me, 5 beautiful girls who I would give my life for, being able to worship my God anytime, anywhere. Being blessed with a son, who is alive and healed in heaven. Having food and shelter. Great friends, in real life and in the internet world, that at the drop of a dime, would be there to support me, and I them. Just being able to wake up each morning and saying Thank you God for giving me everything you have. Another day to live, laugh, love, cry, break down barriers and obstacles, another day to be. Another day to see the joy on my children’s faces as they tell me about their day, another day to cook them dinner and yes, another day to clean this house.

And if someone wants to bless you with something. Never turn it away. Even if you don’t need it, at the moment. Never take that away from someone. Because if they are thinking about you, and bring you groceries, a flower, a card, or even just themselves, God thinks that you need it and He put that on their heart to give that to you.

Blessing come in many different shapes and sizes. No blessing is too small. Remember that. So, when you are sitting at a stop sign and God blesses you with the sun in your face and you sit an marvel at it for a few seconds to long and the driver behind you starts going a little cooky nuts, just smile, and thank God.

Ok, Seriously…

The whole, thinking I am going to be blogging everyday idea, well, that went out the door. I can’t figure out things to write about. I mean, I could write about the kids, but, they haven’t done anything funny. Life is just moving on as usual. Nothing exciting or crazy happening. I am starting a new bible study. I am not sure how I am going to like it. It is an online one. I really wish i could go to a group bible study. But, I don’t really have that opportunity. I wish I could start my own group bible study, but, I don’t have that opportunity either. So, I guess, doing it alone is better than not doing it at all. I need to find something in my life that I am passionate about. I would really love to work with grieving parents. But, I don’t know how to go about finding out how to do that. I am just full of can’ts these days. I don’t know much of how to motivate myself.

Good thing that is happening in my life, I am really getting into my healthy lifestyle. I have lost weight and while it has been hard and I still have a long way to go, I figured out, I can do it. I never really tried to hard before. I mean I tried but, my heart wasn’t in it. Well, my heart is in it now and I am trying. woo hoo!

I guess I leave you with this boring post. I really don’t like to write fluff, unless it is a birthday or special occasion, but, this will have to do for today. Tune in tomorrow, when I may have a breakthrough and figure out something of more substance to write. LOL Tootleloo my peeps!

Gonna start blogging again….

Not sure what I am going to talk about, but, I need this outlet. And I haven’t been using it much. Life has been busy with Tori-Beth, but, not so busy that I can’t blog. Which leads me to….that girl is crazy. She is so smart and giggly and I love having her around and I am so glad that God blessed me with her. Life is so much more enjoyable and she gives me another reason to want to live. But, just a little note to let you know I am going to be blogging, and I am going to try to do it for a month straight. So, wish me luck!!!!