Cooking us some pumpkin rolls….

Me and Stacey just thought we would have us some fun and think we are giving a tutorial. But, well, you’ll see…….

Here is the budding young pastry chef

This is the cast of characters for the cake part. Yummy o. Don’t ya just love the display???? LOL

This is what happens when mommy takes too long setting up a picture of flour and sugar and such. The budding young pastry chef falls asleep… No matter on with the show I say! See that lovely lady in the picture that is Granny, she is always keeping an eye on things. LOL

I almost forgot the most important thing!!!! You must always have a nice cold glass of Pepsi! It helps you work so much better. Keeps you right on task.

You throw all the ingredients in Granny’s kitchenaid. Can I tell you a little secret??? I secretly covet that thing. I really would love one. Hint hint….

Yummy look at that there it goes onto the cookie sheet. I use foil because well, I’m a little on the lazy side and well, there is less clean up.

Stick that bad boy in the oven and wallah….

You get this! Isn’t that just the prettiest thing you ever did saw???

You slap that onto some parchment paper and roll it up.

Like so….then you put that bad boy into the fridge to cool. And now to stop the regularly scheduled program….we have been so blessed these past few days. Our fridge went out and all of our food went kaput. Well, we now have a fridge, and the church delivered two really big boxes of food to us. This was a surprise to us. Then we got the prettiest fruit basket I have ever seen. Granny said I must have blessed someone and God seen it and wanted to bless me back! I think I love that lady. Sometimes she just knows how to make me cry.

Ok, now, back to the program….

this is the ingredients for the filling. Not alot there is NO way that these little ingredients could cause any kind of trouble. Oh, no! Well… think again!

This is when the budding pastry chef decided to wake up and want to pour the powder sugar into the mixer, while it was going. Not a good idea! Not at all!

You see all that powder fly off? Yeah, I had to wash all of that, and because of that, there is no picture of the finished product. I even had wash the fake plant on the back of the sink. Ya wanna see it??? I thought you did! he he

Tune in tomorrow and I’ll give you the recipe. It came from a good friend. She is awesomtatious! And so is her recipe for pumpkin rolls! Tootles peoples!


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