To do’s for Today ( Monday)

I guess the way to get back in to the saddle of blogging is to go with the trusty to do list. I really don’t need to be reminded of this but, it is nice to see what I do and the progress that I make along the way. So, here goes…..

5:30 up and at em.
Get dressed, swish and swipe the bathroom
Read bible
spend 15 minutes in kitchen
Do my facebook stuff. Can’t leave that out, it would be a travesty. he he
20 minutes on treadmill
quick shower
Throw in load of laundry
Get Mikayla and Stacey up for school
Get them moving along and out the door when Mike gets here at 8.

Do 3 more loads of laundry and pick up living room

Counseling at 11.

Somewhere in there I do get Tori up and feed and dress her. LOL

After counseling the rest of the day is mine. Woo hoo

Wait for that big old storm that is supposed to blow in. From what I have heard we are going to get hit hard starting Monday night and it isn’t going to stop until sometime Wednesday. We’ll see though. I’m sure Tony has already bought his beer and chips for the storm. Ain’t that right Tony???

The rest of the week is pretty busy in the evenings. We started FAST again so, that is Tuesday evening. Wednesday is Bible Study and AWANA, Mikayla loves her Awana so I hope for her sake the storm blows over and amounts to nothing. Thursday is Ballet for Stacey and Friday I do believe that we don’t have to do much of anything. At least I hope so. Oh goodness I just remembered that Stacey is going to be in another PSA so that is Tues-Thursday this week. Yeah, packed full be our week. I hope everyone has a great week. I know I planned to. Ta Ta peoplettes.

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