How I met my best friend…..

About 6 years ago, I started a program called FAST Families. Many of you that follow me probably have heard me talk about it before. I joined it because I thought we don’t have anything to do, let’s go check it out. FAST means families and schools together. The purpose of the program for me I would say would be to build strong relationship with the school for the betterment of your child and their school career. They like for you to be involved in every aspect. It also helps to strengthen your family. Here is a typical evening at FAST Familes. You come in and you sit at a table with your family. You play little games until it is time for FAST hellos. Which are a riot. The parent introduces the families. Then everyone goes hello Poling/Lockwood Family (that is us by the way). And then we go hello Fast Families, as loud as we can. I love that part. I used to detest that part. I am not a speaker in front of people kinda person. Well, at least I wasn’t back then. I have lost a lot of my shyness. Then, check this out, this is the cool part, because you know us parents always get our food last and we are up running around waiting on our kids and come back to our food and it is stone cold, well, the child serves the parents. Woo hoo love that part too. At first I didn’t because well, I think the children should be served first but, they are served right along with us so, they don’t have to wait. After we eat, then it is time to either sing, which we absolutely love. The fast family rap is tooo cool. Or we do scribbles, or feeling charades. And this is done only with your family. Family time is key here. After that we break up. We go to Parent Group and the kids go to Kids Time. Parent group has evolved over the years and I can say I really enjoy myself in there. We talk about a wide range of topics. And we then get paired up with a parent buddy. We each have about 7 minutes to talk about whatever we want to and the other person has to listen. And vice versa. Then comes the good part. Our special play child comes in and it is the same child for 8 weeks. We get to play with them for 15 minutes and it is child led play. We have to do what they say. Surrender the control. I sneak in ways to talk to Mikayla about her day at school and what she has learned. We act like animals, eat fake food and it is just wonderful. After special play time, it is closing circle, and rain which during this time, a winning family is chosen. You get a board game and a gift card. We love Operation we got it last time we went through it.

So, I told you all about that to say. I met Stacy in FAST. We would talk and stuff while we were in FAST but, we weren’t close. Not until JT was born. The school had a function at Chuck E Cheese and I went with the girls. I seen Stacy sitting there and asked her if she wanted to see pics of him. She said sure, and after that, I can’t get rid of her. LOL Not like I try to. She is stuck to me like glue and I like it like that. We talk several times a day, whether by phone, im, or Facebook. We talk about everything. When we are having a problem with one of the kids. We are the first person the other calls. When we are having a hard day, we call each other. If we heard something funny, well… you get the picture. She helped me make a lot of hard decisions concerning JT and she most importantly showered him with love. I love her to death and am so happy I finally have a friendship where I can count on her just as much as she can count on me. We don’t judge each other, and we agree to disagree a lot. We are brutally honest with each other and still come out the other side friends till the end. God knew to put her in my life when he did and he knew I would need her for a life time. That is why she is still here. I have never had a friend where I can just be me and not be afraid of what they are thinking about me, or if they will still be my friend tomorrow. I kinda like this grown up friendship. It rocks!

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  1. Hi Bobbie –
    I am the Director of Sales and Marketing for Families and Schools Together, Inc., the company that designed the FAST programs.
    I loved this blog. It was so truthful and heartfelt.
    I would appreciate your permission to highlight it on our testimonials page of our national website. Please let me know your thoughts.
    Thank you – Tammy Jelinek
    888.629.2481 X 304

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