Going out on her own a recipe project…

Ashley is going to be going out on her own here in a few years and I have thought what can I give her when she does leave to go live and work and play out in the big old world that isn’t my home? And I have thought and thought and well….you get the picture. It hit me this morning….She loves to cook and try different things. So, I have decided to put together a cookbook just for her. I am going to write it out. I’m not going to take the easy way out. I want her to feel the love coming from it and have something to remember her time in our home. I want to include pictures, little memories, things of that sort. I think I want to do this for all the girls. Which is why I am glad that I have this blog, to chronicle what is going on in our home and lives. I am going to put some of her favorites in it. Some of the recipes that she has mastered and would eat again. Also, I am going to put in there cooking terms, like dredging and dutch oven and some of the things I think she would want to know.

This is going to take a while. I want to get it just right. I have a little over a year until she graduates and goes off to college. That is her plan not mine. She already has a paid scholarship to Sinclair through her American Sign Language class. She wants to be an interpreter. And while she is doing that she wants to also go to school to be a veterinarian. She figures the interpreter part, which she loves by the way will pay the bills while she goes for the veterinarian part. She has a plan and I am oh so thankful. Did I tell you she took her exams and she got straight A’s on all of them??? Yeah and 4 of them were A+’s. She was struggling a while back and she is back on track now. She has a goal and she is shooting for it. I am so proud of her.

So, if anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them. Whether it be recipes, or suggested terms that I should put in there. Comment away. Cooking is not my forte. And I want to get this right. So, what do you think? Let me know.

The Ice….

It came, it shut down the city. It is now finally going away. It was pretty, but, caused so much damage…..

School’s out again….Let the crazy begin…

School is out for the third straight day. Woo hoo. Sorry, I like it when there is no school. A lot of people don’t share my enthusiasm. But, that is ok, to each their own. Today, we are going to be sewing patches on Mikayla’s holey jeans. She seems to have taken a liking to the holey ones and well, I think some funky patches will make her happy and me too. She can still have her holes, and I can be happy knowing her knees aren’t falling out. Me and Little Stacey are going to be in the kitchen later, and we are going to have a tutorial on how to make brownies. Try as the child does, she always messes them up. We are going to use her brownie pan. The one that cuts them and everything. Woo hoo can’t wait for that either. Hopefully, we don’t mess them up together. LOL. I think we are going to do a mini cleaning roulette mission. With all the chillaxin we have been doing the house is starting to look a might bit unkempt. But, it’s nothing that between all of us that can’t be cleaned up with in half an hour. Just a bunch of hot spot pick ups and we are done. I am thinking of trying a new recipe. I think the kids will enjoy it. With a baked potato and green beans. Then those brownies for desert. Hubby is staying with his mom nights and we miss him, especially Mikayla. See asked me at least 30 times why he couldn’t come home or why she couldn’t go with him. Which reminds me Mikayla had TV withdrawal yesterday. I took it away from her because Tuesday, I never saw her. She was in bedroom the whole day watching TV. That is why too much. I am only going to give her 1/2 an hour a day from now on. There are so many more things we can be doing than watching tv. I have dusted off the board games. Watch out kids. Momma is on a mission. LOL I have been thinking the past few days that we spend so much time in this house but, never together. Ashley is always in her room listening to music or sleeping. My goodness teenagers can do some sleeping. Stacey is always flitting here and there, I never have a clue what she is doing unless she is whining or crying about having to do her chores. Mikayla is always glued to the tv, The man is always in the computer and me and Tori, well, we are always either playing, cleaning, or well, watching tv. I feel lonely in my own home. I need to get that togetherness going again. Now, off to make a grocery list. And walk on that treadmill. Where I am walking to tomorrow. I have a goal destination in mind. Wonder if I will make it. LOL Have a great day all.

Here is the recipe it isn’t linking right. I so totally am out of practice with this thing. Honey Lemon Pork Chops