Jessica is living with Biliary Artresia. You can read her story here:
For Jessica’s Liver She is an awesome caring young lady. I have a soft spot for her because well, I do. She brightened my day immensely after JT passed away. She made me some special gifts that I have hanging on my fridge. Everytime I walk past them I say a little prayer for her. Her journey with BA is getting really rocky right now. She will most likely be needing a liver transplant. Jessica is selling a cookbook that she helped make and design herself to help cover medical cost and travel expenses to and from the hospital where she gets treatment. The cookbook is awesome, I have one myself. It consists of everyday recipes from family and friends. I really don’t know where I would be without mine. Seriously. And it has many kid friendly dishes in it. My kids are picky and everything that I have made out of it they have eaten and liked. Big plus in my book. You can get to the fundraiser by clicking here Current Fundraising Thanks for all your help!! You all are the greatest. If you know anyone that would also like a cookbook, pass on the link by all means.

Thanks so much!!!


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