My Husband…. What a blessing he is…

I have been looking back through my blogs and realized, I really don’t talk much about my husband. You all probably think he is a figment of my imagination. lol. Don’t worry sometimes I think he is too. He works countless hours a week. I barely see him.

But, as I was looking I was thinking how blessed I am to have him. As much as I complain to him about no time spent with him or how he is totally deaf and get so tired of repeating myself. I do love him to pieces. And am so glad we found each other.

I had been going through alot with my previous relationship with my girls’ dad. He was terrible I really don’t want to get into to many details, but, lets say what started as a beautiful relationship, turned really bad in the end.

I started dating Mike and I was really scared he erased all of my fears of him doing physical harm to me and treated me like a person was supposed to be treated. We got married rather quickly. In 3 months from the time we started dating. Let me say that we worked together for a year and well, he was trying to avoid a workplace relationship because well, he had been through one before and it hadn’t worked.

We got married and he accepted and has cared for my (our) 3 girls like they are his own. We have the usually ups and downs that every family goes through. He works so that I can stay home and in our kids’ lives.

He gave me two more wonderful children the day we got married. Whom, I love with all my heart and we also have had 2 more wonderful children together. Which was a miracle because the doctor had told me I couldn’t have anymore because of cervical cancer at 24.

We have been through the most horrific tragedy a family can go through, the loss of our baby boy JT. And while there were rocky times after, we both knew we needed help getting to know one another again and learning to love one another again. And we have gotten that help. And he is the one who came to me with it. I didn’t go to him. He told me Honey, we need help. And I don’t think we would have come that far if he wouldn’t have told me that.

Today, I have a husband, who loves all of us, works very hard for us, comes home and cooks dinner. He supports me in everything I am doing to try to change myself for the better but, loves me just the way I am. He has a big heart and will help anyone out. He still loves him mother, and is there in a pinch for her. And even though it irritates me to no end when she calls and we have to cancel plans, that is the way he is and I really truely wouldn’t change it for anything.

Yes, we get frustrated with each other and we get frustrated with the kids but, that is life’s little bumps that you have to live through. He tells me every night before we go to bed that he loves me and every morning before he leaves for work whether i am awake or not and most times at 5 in the morning I am not. lol.

So, thank you honey for being such a blessing to all of us. You are the best.

Thank you God for sending him to me.