First day went great.

Well, we got off to a late start. But, it’s ok. It’s because of Stacy she called me and we talked for a loooonngggg time. I talk to her and forget what time it is. It is all her fault if she wouldn’t have decided to go away for her Anniversary then we wouldn’t have had to catch up. What’s more important here talking to me or going away with that old husband of hers. You would think the anniversaries would be old at this point in time. My goodness 9 years. Just kidding. But, really it is her fault. You know I love ya! Happy Anniversary late of course because I am never on time. lol.

I have no focus, ok, back to Mikayla. We read and learned about cows. She mooed all over the place. While she didn’t keep her clothes on for very long that is ok, because she ended up with marker all over her. Couldn’t get her clothes back on her for nothing. She always comes up with an excuse. It’s wet, it itches, don’t like it. It’ll take time so, not really concerned about it. Just a goal and we will conquer it.

We read her nursery rhyme. It is Hey Diddle Diddle.

We also did handprints and she colored them and I cut them out and posted them to her board. She loved that part, that is where the marker came in. And the glue. Oh boy she loved that part waaayyyy too much. lol.

Then we put everything up. She was kinda broken hearted but, I want her to pace herself and not get burned out on what we are doing.

Oh yeah, we did learn about cows and that milk comes from them and she said icky milk is icky. And for her yes, that is correct she is allergic to it. So, I changed it to lactaid and she was happy. Although I am not quite sure where lactaid comes from. I guess I should figure that out huh?

Today we are going to do the Letter A. We are going to do some tracing with flour since she decided to dump it on the counter last night. I just scooped it in a zippy bag and we are going to use that today. It is all about recycling. lol.

So, that was her first day. Hopefully most of them are as great and productive as yesterday.