Organization challenged

Yep, that is me. I have no idea how to be in my home. My biggest problem is my desk and sewing table. Stuff just ends up all a skitter and I can never find anything. I would be so appreciative to find out some tips on how to make it more organized. For my sewing table it encompases all sorts of things. I crotchet, knit, and quilt and sew everyday things such as curtains and try to do skirts and such for my children.

I would like to find a way to be able to organize it so that I can find everything but, it never works for me and I haven’t found a good system.

is having an organizational swap and hop. I love this idea. Because I would love to hear what everyone else does in this area. My computer desk and sewing table are both in my dining room so, I would need to find a way to have all of those things flow together. I do have a lot of space though just when I have a lot of space I end up with alot of stuff to clutter it up with. I want to cut down on the clutter in here and make everything flow. I think that I already mentioned that but, hey sometimes I like to repeat myself. Comes from having 4 to 7 kids in my house daily. I can never say anything once. 😆

So, back to the dining room. Everything is so haphazardly thrown together. I am not big on organizing or decorating. Not at all. Martha Steward couldn’t teach me even if we spent every waking minute together for the next 5 years. I want my home to feel more homey and not so obstacle cousey does that make sense? I want a place to sew that I can feel at home doing not having to search for stuff and then by the time I find it I am so not in the mood and so frustrated I could tear my hair out and then just don’t do it so, it doesn’t get done. Which reminds me, I still have curtains to sew. I really want to get rid of these blinds they scare me with the strings hanging and all. But, it will be 3 hours later and I will have not found either the fabric, the pins, or the thread. So, do you see my dilemna???

Any and all help will be appreciated…. Thanks so much

ps. I can’t take pictures because well, I haven’t got a camera. I will try and see if I can e-mail them from my camera phone but, well, most of the time it gets lost in cyber space somewhere. I’ll let you know