Well, they had an awesome time

The girls got back earlier than expected. I got there at 1:00 they pulled in about 5 minutes later. I was so happy to see them. They just kept talking and talking and telling me everything. They had a great time. They came back tired and really happy. They did a lot of hikes. 3 a day except for Tues and Friday. Thursday night they did a night hike. Stacey said her and her best friend who is Kaitlin where walking and hit a patch of ice and they both went down. They got to bunk with whoever they wanted to. Well, boys were with boys and girls with girls of course. They learned about rocks and nature and they seen owls and a bald eagle and a baby owl that only weighed like 5. something oz. They stayed up late talking and got up early. They ate as much ice cream and cookies that they wanted to. Stacey, Harley, and two other girls baked the cookies. Stacey led a hike. They took some whacky pictures for their nature group for their book they brought home that showed the schedule and the trails they hiked and how long they were. And those trails were not short. Every hike was a 2 hour hike.

I got bunches of hugs and kisses and Mikayla was so happy to see them. So was Ashley but, of course she isn’t going to show it. lol. I showed Stacey on Youtube the American Idol stuff she missed. She was happy she didn’t think she really missed anything. Then we sat and watched videos of stuff she wouldn’t leave my side. she fell asleep on me about 8:30. Harley had went to bed earlier like about 7. They were totally exhausted by this point. I am going to let them get on here later probably tomorrow and blog about what they did because they were there and they were talking so fast I only caught some of it.

So, that was how it went. No one fell off a cliff or got lost. That was my two major fears. lol.