Homeschooling must haves

I borrowed this from Elaine, who borrowed it from Knight and Fair Maidens Academy. I dont’ know how to do links on this or I would. You can get to it from my blog roll. One day I will learn how to do links. And then watch out I will be dangerous. lol

Homeschooling must haves that we must have around here are

(I don’t know how to do bullets either)

1. Prayer

2. Patience and Time

3. Committment

4. Follow through

5. library card

6. lots of paper -construction, drawing, lined, printer, poster (you get the idea)

7. printer and ink

8. writing and drawing utensils.

9. a support group. A group of people who are not judgemental who will be there to help guide you who have experience in homeschooling. That is where your wealth of information comes from. Not from books, but, from friends who have been there and done that.

So, there you have it. That is my list. What are your must have’s Let me know!