My blog on hugging your child.

Ok, seriously, Stacy said I should write a blog on hugging. She has been pestering me about it for hours last night and I woke up to did you blog about hugging?

So here is my blog about hugging. Makes sure you hug your children and you hubby everyday. They need to know they are loved no matter how terrible they have acted through out the day. Just a reminder to them that you love them.

So, there is my blog about hugging your child/ren.

I really think she should start her own blog because she needs to instead of telling me what to write about. lol

On another note. Please remember to pray for Sumi and family today at 11. They are having a memorial for Jenna at that time. I know most of us that can not be there have planned our own way to celebrate Jenna’s memory. But, please just keep them in your hearts and pray for comfort. Thanks.