My girls are with their dad.  It is only Timmy and Mikayla here with me and I can’t sleep.   3:00 in the morning and I am awake.   And I mean wide awake.   I am always like this when I am worried about any of my kids.   I really don’t know what I am going to do when they grow up and move out.  Will I ever get any sleep?   That remains to be seen.  lol.  There is nothing good on tv.   All infomercials.    Not really good ones either I might add. 

WordPress is changed around.   It has some neat changes.  I still don’t know how to change the font or color on this so, maybe I will keep myself busy with trying to find that out.  I like to be colorful and well, this one color scheme I got going, I need color.   And I would like the text to be a little bit bigger.   So, I guess I have found something to fill my time with. 

Off Igo……