Not a bad night…

Well, the kids got here and Laurie and Mike sneaked out. They cried for all of 2 seconds. We had a good night. We ate dinner together and the kids just won’t leave them alone they are so happy that they are here. We did have a couple of moment with Mikayla and the fact that she didn’t want to share her phone. The baby picked it up and Mikayla just dropped to the ground screaming. But, we resolved the issue after we found out what the heck was wrong. It took about 5 minutes to figure that one out. She will let anyone touch just about any of her toys but, her phone and her sweeper. Well, she has issues about that. Which I can understand. Hey I wouldn’t be too happy with other people touching my stuff either. So, this week I can see that we are going to be learning about sharing. Which is a lesson she needs to learn. She just isn’t used to sharing with other kids except for Megan and that took a while too.

They all went to bed easily. They wanted to sleep downstairs so, I slept down here with them. They are slowly waking up now so, I guess I should go get stuff ready for breakfast. I think it is going to be something easy like cereal. lol

Little Stacey woke up sick. I thought she was faking it to stay home but, then she got sick so, I don’t think she is faking. I have quarrantined her to her room. I don’t need everyone getting sick. That would be scary.

So, I am getting off of here to start this day. No playing on here today. Oh whoa is me. J/K. I’ll live

Everyone have a great day.