Well, today, we get to do the rest of the dining room.  We had a few things going on yesterday that interupted us from our cleaning, so, today we will continue where we left off.

I unfortunately didn’t get to my desk, so that is number 1 priority. 

Which means I still have a lot of filing away of stuff to do.

I still need to hang the curtains and we have to wash the sills and windows.

Then sweep and steam clean and we are done.

With that room anyway.

 Then we are heading up to my room and finishing that one.  Oh boy that will be fun.

Our laundry goal for today is:  the last 2 loads.  I think we should be able to handle that one!! Woo hoo!!!

So, if all that gets done then we will only have the bathroom tomorrow.   OH YEAH!!!  Am I happy or what???


Well, today we are working in the Dining Room. Which means I get to clean off my computer desk. Not something that I really want to do and my sewing table. Oh joy is me. So, here is the break down..

Computer Desk
Sewing table
Put away all the clothes on the clothes rack.
Ashley’s desk
file stuff that needs to be filed.
wipe the window sills
hang the curtains that I made for the windows (If I can find them)
Speaking of windows wash the windows and the sills first.
pick up the floor sweep and steam clean.
take out trash
oh yeah, forgot the china cabinet which hold no china.

(stacy you might be getting a lot of scrap booking stuff watch out girl I might have to load up a dump truck for you)

And wah la we are done with that room.

Laundry Goal for today is 7 loads.

Then we are going to spend 20 minutes in my room. Which is a pit of everything and anything. Really it is terrible and please don’t tell anyone I told you. This is our little secret so, mums the word.

Yesterday we got done with the kitchen in two hours and we got rid of a lot of stuff that was not needed or was just not used. We found new homes for things we use occasionally and I realized that I have a humongous counter. Couldn’t see that with all the stuff cluttering it. It feels good to walk in there now and not feel so claustrophobic. My husband doesn’t like to let go of things he walked in there and almost had 3 kinds of heart attacks. He kept asking where is this where is that. I just told him it was a need to know basis and he really didn’t need to know at the moment. But, Harley and Stacey are really getting in to this. They love seeing how clean and sparkly everything looks when we are done.
I am really enjoying the time with them. I am really loving the fact that since I started doing my exercises and diet that I have so much energy. I actually feel like getting up and doing stuff. So much so that I haven’t really been on the computer for a few days. And I have felt so much more awake. I used to be tired all the time and I know it was because I just didn’t do anything active. Now, I am more active and I just have more energy. Don’t know how else to put it. lol.

Hoping everyone has a great day! God Bless!!!

March 25th

Well, today I get to work in the kitchen.  Harley and Stacey and I made a schedule of what we are going to clean this week for spring cleaning.  If they help the whole week and don’t complain they get a 1/2 gallon of ice cream to share.  which is a big treat, since we don’t buy treats like that normally. I let them set which rooms, so this is their schedule that we are working. 


All dishes


cabinets take everything out wash shelves

scrub stove inside and out

refridgerator inside and out

mircrowave ~ you get the picture right? lol

sweep behind the washer, dishwasher, microwave.

Steam clean

Take out Trash

Laundry Goal:  5 loads. washed dried and put away..

Here’s hoping we can get it all done.  lol