March of Dimes March for Babies.

I for some reason totally forgot to update about our March. Sorry about that. I don’t have any pictures yet, but, I hope they will be forth coming soon. We had a really good time. We got there got our little signs on our backs to show we were marching for JT. That he inspires us. Then we made his star and put it in the field of stars. It looked so pretty all the stars just dancing in the wind. They made announcements and kicked everything off. There was a marching band that led everyone, and they shortened the course. It is now 3.5 miles instead of the 6 miles it was. We got back, ate a little, played some games. Got in a water fight, the kids all got their pictures taken on the Harley. I bet you can guess who started that one right? Then we just spent time talking and visiting. It was a bunch of fun and I can’t wait until next year. Oh wait, I do have a couple of pictures. I will put those up in a minute. The OSU Buckeye Man was there and he took pics of all the teams for his website.

When we were leaving we grabbed JT’s star and on the way home it was Harley’s idea to put it on his headstone, so, we stopped, did that. Then the girls wanted a photo shoot with my camera phone which I forgot I had by the way or I could have snapped pics at the walk. lol.

But, we had a great time and I totally can’t wait until next year.

Here are the pics.

This is our team with the OSU Buckeye Man.

Here are his stars. Harley insisted she be in the pic. Even if it was only her feet and legs.

Here they are doing their photo op. From left to right Harley, Asha, and Stacey.

We had oodles of fun. We went to dance afterwards and by the time the day was over the girls were exhausted.

and so was I.

Tomorrow is the Walk

Tomorrow I will be marching in the March For Babies. I am really excited about it. But, afraid I will loose my cool. I hope not. I want to walk for the babies and have a good time but, feelings and emotions sometimes gets in the way. Let’s hope I can participate and just be happy I am making a difference. I have raised over 300.00. Woo hoo for that. Next year I will make a bigger goal and go for that.

Thanks goes out to…..

Donna Young
Neil Haney
Pamela Wilhelm
All the teachers and staff at Kenwood Elementary School
All the children at Kenwood
Rex and Erin
Bettye R.
Thank you all for donating to a great cause. Without your help and support I wouldn’t have gotten this far with this endeavor.

I was talking with Lisa who is the head for our district and she wants to me chair a position for next year. It is basically just conference calls twice a month on how to develop fundraisers and to raise money. That is right up my alley. I have been helping with fundraising stuff for years. So, I think I might be able to help out there a little bit. I am actually excited about it. It is nice to be excited about something.

Well, I am going to get some more laundry done. Talk with you all later.