All about Mikayla

Mikayla has a way of saying things backwards.

Sign Stop for stop sign

Cheese and macadonie = macaroni and cheese

Milk Chocolate = Chocolate Milk

Pooh Dog = Dog Pooh

She also has names for people on tv. She was infactuated with Larry the Cable guy and she is always telling me (when she beats me to the bathroom), pee in the tub mommy Get ree done does. huh???

She also loves the movie Tremors, 1 and 2. So, she is now a pregnant shooting princess who kills graboids.

You can not call her Lactaid milk. She is allergic to the lactose in milk, eggs, and some creams in donuts and some icings. She will break out on her face really bad. So, she knows not to have them. When we got to Golden Corral which is few and far between, they have to clean off their grill if they have cooked eggs or french toast on it so that she can have a pancake because if there is still egg on there major break out before we even leave. And they are really nice about doing it too. Which is refreshing. You don’t find that much these days.

She is very particular about clothes. If she is home. She has nothing on but, her panties. I kid you not. The minute she comes in the door. She strips it all off. I have tried to break her of this, but, nope, it doesn’t work. So, I bend on that one. I guess home is where you can be yourself and be your most comfortablest and she likes to be comfortable.

She has a love hate relationship with her brother, Timmy. She loves him to death. But, hates that he isn’t here all the time so, when he comes for the weekend she puts on her pouty face and let’s him know that she is not happy that he left her. He has to come over and practically beg forgiveness then it is on. They love to wrestle and just hang out and watch a movie together. She’ll wait until he is really in the movie and then jump on him out of no where. It is actually kinda funny to watch a 3 year old oops I mean a 4 year old now, beat up her 14 year old brother and he lets her. lol

Her sisters have spoiled her and she absolutely loves her Ashley. There was a time for about a year and why I now have trouble with her sleeping in her bed that she slept with Ashley, and did everything with Ashley. She was always perched on her back. If Ashley was on the computer doing her school work Mikayla was on her back watching her. Sometimes she even fell asleep like that. They were just inseperable. Now, that Ashley spends more time with her dad, they aren’t as close as they used to be but, they still love each other so much. Ashley will call when she isn’t here just to talk to Mikayla. And Mikayla loves getting phone calls.

Mikayla also loves her best friend to pieces. She is always thinking of Megan and talks about Megan most of the day. And oh boy when they are together, you better watch out. They are holy terrors. Here’s a good story, just to show you how they work things out together. And yes, Stacy I am telling that story. lol

When JT passed away, Tom from Pallative Care came to visit up and bring us JT’s box of things that they made for us from the NICU, it had hand and feet prints in it a plaster cast of his feet and hands, a lock of hair, a blanket, his shirt that we had put on him, and a bunch of other awesome keep sakes. This was in June. We had a little blow up swimming pool and told them they couldn’t go in the pool because they had clothes on. Remember that part, it is very important. We were talking to Tom about Grief groups and camps and things for the kids when we realized that the house was quiet. Very quiet. So, all of us get up to look for the girls. We look out the dining room window and there they are stark naked swimming in the pool. They figured since we said that they couldn’t swim because of their clothes they would get rid of them. ALL of them. They didn’t leave panties or nothing on. How embarassing was that for us? The guy probably thought that we were nuts. And our kids were psycho. Not to mention the people going by in cars. We were so embarassed that day and it still embarasses us to think about it. That is some of the kinds of things that they do when they are together, so you can imagine how full are hands are when they are visiting each other.

Tomorrow, I will be talking about Ashley. Oh yeah, and the update about the ultrasound. lol I just can’t wait!!!

Happy Birthday Sweet little Girl!!!

From this little sweet beautiful baby


You were instantly loved by your sisters


Your beautiful blue eyes mesmorized us all…


Your I can do it myself attitude exceeds all bounds….


For teaching me that it is ok to let kids get dirty, it just means they are having fun.



Mommy loves you. Thank you so much for being you. All of you.

Happy 4th Birthday Sweet Little Lady!!!


Mommy, Daddy, Ashley, Harley, Stacey, Timmy, Bear Bear, Spaz, and Precious….

Today is gonna rock!!!!