Happenings around here….

Well, this weekend was bad. I can’t go into detail but, it seems like when ever things might be going ok, something puts a wrench in your plans.

I would like to ask for prayer for my daughter Harley though, she really, really, needs it right now.

I have gotten nothing done around this house. I really haven’t had the time. Major catastrophies seem to keep happening and well, the house is suffering.

Last night we called a family meeting. We sat around and made rules and consequences for behavior and actions. We had rules posted along while back and we did well with it. The kids knew what was expect and what to expect if they didn’t follow the rules. They made the rules and the consequences with me and Mike tweaking them a little. Stacey had a funny one. She said Stacey is allowed to do at least 25 cartwheels or flips in the house a day. Ha ha not happening. She is allowed to still do the splits. But, nothing that involves flipping her legs over her head. I won’t go into all the rules but, there are things like no jumping or standing on the furniture, respecting everyone’s body parts. Which means no kicking, hitting, or biting. The biting was for Mikayla she is in that stage right now. No wrestling unless you are watching wrestling, and someone is there to supervise it. Everyone will have a job in the kitchen after dinner. All chores must be completed and check by an adult or you are not to leave the house.

Consequences there are only 5.

1. Verbal warning
2. Sent to your room for a 1/2 hour. Harley gets sent to the dining room table, she likes her room too much. (she came up with this not me)
3. Grounded for two days. (No tv, radio, computer, or phone)
4 Grounded for two days and must write a 500 word essay on what they did wrong and what they can do to change it.
5. If all else fails just spank us and get it over with. lol. (that was them not me. I rarely spank my children. So, they probably think it won’t happen.) Sorry it made me laugh when Stacey said that one.

Ashley, now, for some reason is not to keen on rules. She sat curled up in a ball crying the whole time we were making house rules. And they made them theirselves. This way, if they don’t follow them they can’t say, we are not fair in our consequences because they made these themselves. They only have themselves to blame.

Life worked better around her when it was more organized and they had something visual to go by.

Mikayla has her own set of rules that I am going to have to stay on her and enforce. Obviously she can’t read yet, but, she is going to have to learn to listen the first time and she needs more structure in her life. She really does. Half the time the girl doesn’t know if she is coming or going. But, I aim to change that one.

So, I need to be consistent and really be on my A game to see this through. I am making menus again to. This helps so much in knowing what is going to be for dinner and not running around at the last minute totally freaked out because there is nothing in the house to cook.

So, that is what has been a happening around her lately.

Make it a great day!!!