happenins around here

Well, I hope everyone is doing great and fantabulous. We switched rooms around here all weekend. I now have a sewing room. I love it. It is all mine. No one elses and the kids can’t mess up my stuff that I have laid out anymore. How cool is that? I am really excited. I just need to find a good chair because I usually use the computer chair so, hopefully soon I will get one until then I am going to use one of the kitchen chairs.

Here is a list of my projects that I am going to be working on.

3 dresses for Mikayla ( I just got some really cool patterns and I can’t wait to try them out)

Curtains for the kitchen.
Redo the couch cushions.
A couple of quilts. I have 3 in the process but, not that I can lay everything out and it not be disturbed then it will go faster.

Curtains for Stacey’s room. (she has already picked out the fabric just gotta sew it).
A couple of pillows for Mikayla. Granny gave her some fabric and told her to have me sew some for her. I am going to do that first because it is the easiest of them all well, besides the curtains.

What I want to make (wish list)

Some skirts for Stacey, (I haven’t found a good pattern yet that I like)
Pajama pants for me and Mike and the girls. (got the pattern but, for some reason it is puzzling me)
Bibs for the NICU
I want to design a sleeper for babies in the Nicu. Something that has openings and parents and caregivers, so that things like central lines ivs, and catheters and ostomy bags and such would be more assessible without having to undress the baby and thus making baby more comfortable. I have some preliminary designs but, I am going to have to figure some other things out on it.

So, do you sew, knit, crotchet, have another crafty hobby? Share it with us. Let us know what you are working on what your wish list is etc. I love hearing about others crafts.

Organization challenged

Yep, that is me. I have no idea how to be in my home. My biggest problem is my desk and sewing table. Stuff just ends up all a skitter and I can never find anything. I would be so appreciative to find out some tips on how to make it more organized. For my sewing table it encompases all sorts of things. I crotchet, knit, and quilt and sew everyday things such as curtains and try to do skirts and such for my children.

I would like to find a way to be able to organize it so that I can find everything but, it never works for me and I haven’t found a good system.

is having an organizational swap and hop. I love this idea. Because I would love to hear what everyone else does in this area. My computer desk and sewing table are both in my dining room so, I would need to find a way to have all of those things flow together. I do have a lot of space though just when I have a lot of space I end up with alot of stuff to clutter it up with. I want to cut down on the clutter in here and make everything flow. I think that I already mentioned that but, hey sometimes I like to repeat myself. Comes from having 4 to 7 kids in my house daily. I can never say anything once. 😆

So, back to the dining room. Everything is so haphazardly thrown together. I am not big on organizing or decorating. Not at all. Martha Steward couldn’t teach me even if we spent every waking minute together for the next 5 years. I want my home to feel more homey and not so obstacle cousey does that make sense? I want a place to sew that I can feel at home doing not having to search for stuff and then by the time I find it I am so not in the mood and so frustrated I could tear my hair out and then just don’t do it so, it doesn’t get done. Which reminds me, I still have curtains to sew. I really want to get rid of these blinds they scare me with the strings hanging and all. But, it will be 3 hours later and I will have not found either the fabric, the pins, or the thread. So, do you see my dilemna???

Any and all help will be appreciated…. Thanks so much

ps. I can’t take pictures because well, I haven’t got a camera. I will try and see if I can e-mail them from my camera phone but, well, most of the time it gets lost in cyber space somewhere. I’ll let you know

Happenings around here….

Well, I have been sick it seems forever. This cough really has gotten me down. I have only been sleeping a total of about 4 hours each night sometimes less. I really don’t want to go to the doctor, but, I am probably going to. There was only school this week 2 days. We love it. Just don’t love all the snow and ice outside. It would be alright if it was just snow, it is the ice that well, it ruins the snow.

My girls went to their first dance last week. It was a 3R’s Valentine Dance. It was to support the 5th graders going to camp and they made a bundle. Over 400.00. If you don’t know what the 3r’s are it means Respect, Responsibility, and Restraint. This is a motto at our school. So, both of my girls are paid for. Thanks to the amazing selling ability of Stacy throughout the year. lol. We just need to get them boots. They leave Tues. They are going to Glen Helen which if I can find a link to it I will link it. They are coming back Friday. They will be doing all kinds of things that are cool. I am not sure how much Stacey will like it. She is excited to be going but, well, she is a girly girl and I really don’t think that once she gets out there she is going to like the fact that she can’t reapply her lipgloss every few secs. So pray for them that they are safe and pray for me that I don’t hyperventilate while they are gone. I am really uneasy about them going. I don’t know why. Maybe it is because this is their first real trip away with people other than family. But, Stacey and Harley are going together so, I find some comfort in that.

Laundry is going, dishes are done, everyone is still asleep, even the dog. So, I am enjoying the quiet around here. Probably not for long though.

Today we have plans of decluttering our house. I suggested it to hubby because we aquire alot of useless things. Somehow someway, and I am feeling claustrophobic at the moment. I want to see about 70% of it gone. We are going to be going room to room and just getting rid of stuff. Freecycle is going to love me today. Although I really don’t see anyone coming out in this mess but, you never know. The garbage man might love us next Friday too. He’ll get his money’s worth I tell ya.

I also need to make a couch cover. I have just the right material in mind. I hope hubby goes for it. and I need to make 2 curtains for the side windows. Mikayla has torn up the blinds and I am afraid she might get caught in them. I have been keeping them up and I really don’t like people seeing into my house in the evening hours. So, that is on the agenda too. I hope I at least get half of the stuff done that I want to this weekend. High priority is the decluttering and the curtains. The couch cover can wait. I really don’t want it to but, it can.

Well, that is what is happening today. Or, this weekend rather. Hope everyone has a great weekend and remember to lean on the Lord. Be blessed.

So much to do today

Today, I have so much to do. I am rearranging things and making me a sewing area. Cleaning my bedroom. I stuffed things in there when company came. Stacey has a dentist appt. That is going to take forever. I hope I can find a good book at the library. I have my bed stuff in the dryer getting ready to go on my bed and then I am spending 15 minutes throughout the day in there. If I spend longer than I get overwhelmed. The kitchen is done. Woo hoo. I have mass amounts of laundry to get done. Mt. Washmore just keeps sneaking up on me. Then, I have a few errands to run after Stacey gets out of the dentist. I know I have to take Asha with me so, maybe she will be a little company. I hope so anyway. I then have to go to Walmart and find fabric. I have a few projects going on and I can’t wait to get to them. I also found a few patterns on free patterns.com that I want to try. Simple easy baby bibs so they say anyway. I am going to try my hand at making them though. I am going to send a few to my cousin if it works out. They look easy enough that once I figure it out I can show the girls and they can make them also. I am trying to find us a mutual hobby. Something that we can all do together and enjoy it and work as a team. We are already doing that with making the quilts but, I would like to expand their horizons so to speak.

Make some good memories for on down the line. Might even teach them a lesson or two while we are doing it. I hope anyway.

I went yesterday and took the Christmas stuff off of JT grave. Someone had put a candy cane in his stocking. It was a nice surprise. lol. Ok, it kinda freaked me out for a moment because I wasn’t expecting it but, it was really neat once I got over the shock.

But, well, I better get in gear and get off of here. I really want to get everything done today!

Tootles everyone!! And please have a greeeaaattttt day!!!