So much to do today

Today, I have so much to do. I am rearranging things and making me a sewing area. Cleaning my bedroom. I stuffed things in there when company came. Stacey has a dentist appt. That is going to take forever. I hope I can find a good book at the library. I have my bed stuff in the dryer getting ready to go on my bed and then I am spending 15 minutes throughout the day in there. If I spend longer than I get overwhelmed. The kitchen is done. Woo hoo. I have mass amounts of laundry to get done. Mt. Washmore just keeps sneaking up on me. Then, I have a few errands to run after Stacey gets out of the dentist. I know I have to take Asha with me so, maybe she will be a little company. I hope so anyway. I then have to go to Walmart and find fabric. I have a few projects going on and I can’t wait to get to them. I also found a few patterns on free that I want to try. Simple easy baby bibs so they say anyway. I am going to try my hand at making them though. I am going to send a few to my cousin if it works out. They look easy enough that once I figure it out I can show the girls and they can make them also. I am trying to find us a mutual hobby. Something that we can all do together and enjoy it and work as a team. We are already doing that with making the quilts but, I would like to expand their horizons so to speak.

Make some good memories for on down the line. Might even teach them a lesson or two while we are doing it. I hope anyway.

I went yesterday and took the Christmas stuff off of JT grave. Someone had put a candy cane in his stocking. It was a nice surprise. lol. Ok, it kinda freaked me out for a moment because I wasn’t expecting it but, it was really neat once I got over the shock.

But, well, I better get in gear and get off of here. I really want to get everything done today!

Tootles everyone!! And please have a greeeaaattttt day!!!