Walkin to Memphis….

Here is where I will chronicle my walk to Memphis…. From Springfield, OH to Memphis, TN, that is 561.98 miles via mapquest. I am walking on my treadmill. I am not going to do a Forest Gump thing. LOL I’m giving myself a year. It only takes about 9 hours to get there by vehicle so, I am guessing this is an attainable goal. We shall see. So, look forward to updates on what towns I have been through and my progress. I can’t find my step counter nor my watch which has one on it. But, when I do, I will incorporate that into my daily totals so, for not, it is just the treadmill. Wish me luck, I am going to totally need it. And if anyone else is doing something similar I would really like to hear about it. Tootles…

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